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Wednesday July 30th 2014

Clothing and footwear

Sports shoes Gucci – look , draw conclusions Sports shoes Gucci – »

It is clear that every man has his own preferences in footwear. In this article, I will not be anyone of [...]

Adidas Originals ZX – renewed series Adidas Originals ZX – »

Twenty-five years of popularity men's sneakers Originals ZX series is a testament to the successful [...]

Fashion luxury swimwear 2014 Fashion luxury swimwear 2014 »

There is no doubt that the most important piece in your wardrobe is a swimsuit beach season . Every year, [...]


The most expensive yacht in the world – superyacht with its own volcano

The most expensive yacht in the world – superyacht with its own volcano

British shipbuilders from the company Yacht Island Design, Derbyshire, nurture an incredibly ambitious plan - to build the most expensive yacht in the world with its own functioning volcano and floating tropical islands . At an extravagant private ship which will be called " Tropical Island Paradise" , will include a mini - cave, a waterfall [...]

Yacht Putin arrived in the Black Sea

Yacht Putin arrived in the Black Sea

Yacht "The Seagull" , which serves Russian President Vladimir Putin , took Turkish Bosphorus and entered the Black Sea. Luxury ship "Seagull ", belonging to the Administrative Department of the President of Russia , moves to its home port of Sochi. The yacht was wintering in the Greek port of Lavrio ( Aegean Sea ) , and then was in the [...]

Yacht in the style of Aston Martin

Yacht in the style of Aston Martin

The company Aston Martin produces some of the most expensive and luxurious cars in the world. But perhaps in the near future, the company will be another area - floating production facilities, such as expensive and luxurious. In any case, the concept of yacht Aston Martin Voyage 55 already exists! (more...)


Inside the aircraft Saudi King »

Inside the aircraft Saudi King

Perhaps the richest finishing of existing private jets. Personal aircraft Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud. We can only guess about the cost [Read More]

Auto & Moto

It can pull in traffic accidents century. In China overturned auto with 11 luxury cars It can pull in »

China auto overturned carrying 11 brand new luxury cars. Newspaper reports Xiamen Daily, [...]

PHOTO: looks like the most luxurious car in the world PHOTO: looks like »

Lebanese firm M Motors January 29 at the Qatar Motor Show will present the most expensive [...]

Mercedes-Benz will surprise the new crossover Mercedes-Benz will »

Mercedes-Benz has extended the first image of the prototype called Concept Coupe, the [...]